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Lamborghini Unveils Swansong Huracan STJ

Just 10 units of the Lamborghini Huracan STJ will be produced, marking the end of the V10 era.


2022 Audi R8 RWD Performance - Swansong For A Friend

The naturally aspirated Audi R8 reminds us of the glories of a soon-to-be-bygone era.


Lamborghini Invencible and Autentica: A Bittersweet Swansong

It’s time to say goodbye to the V12 supercar era of Lamborghini, and what better way to send it off than to create two one-off monsters – a roadster and a coupé.


Audi's House of Progress Comes to Singapore in 2023

Let's be futurists while drooling at Audi's flagship ICE swansongs in 2023 at the exhibition.