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Paolo Pininfarina Has Passed On

Paolo Pininfarina was the chairman of the Pininfarina Group from 2008 until the time of his passing, aged 65.


Pininfarina Battista showcased in Singapore

Pininfarina builds the most powerful road-legal car ever designed and produced in Italy.


An Itsy Bitsy Spider

Japanese engineering with Italian style. Fiat revives another iconic nameplate with this, the new 124 Spider.


Ferrari Reveals The Ferrari FF

Ferrari has revealed the first photographs of the new Ferrari FF, the company's most powerful, versatile four-seater ever, as well as its first ever four-wheel drive car.


On The Beat | Honda Beat

I went online hoping to rediscover one of the fascinating Kei cars in the 90s. My search returned with a Marian Rivera on a two-wheeler arousing my fantasies of topless riding. Well, not really...