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The all-new BMW M2 with a manual gearbox reminds us of what we’ll be missing while simultaneously showing us what to expect


BMW i4 launched in Singapore

The first four-door EV from BMW sets the brand on a direct course with the Tesla Model 3 in its sights


Electrified and Tingling: Alfa Romeo Tonale Launch

Setting the ‘tonale’ for the future, the Alfa Romeo Tonale’s arrival in Singapore geared for Q4 2022.


BRZ to arrive in Singapore soon

The second-generation BRZ is due here soon. The 2.4-litre boxer engine in the new BRZ will push out 232 bhp and 250Nm of torque.


5 Simply Clever things we love about the new Skoda Octavia

The fourth-generation Skoda Octavia has just launched in Singapore with two flavours – liftback and wagon. Here’s five things we love about it!


Never give up, Never surrender | Retro Havoc 2018

Malaysia's vibrant retro car culture descends upon Kuala Lumpur


One-off Ferrari SP38 Revealed

The Ferrari SP38, the latest offspring from Ferrari’s One-Off programme, has been unveiled at Fiorano


Sticking To The Good Stuff | Hyundai Accent 1.4 GL (M)

Low-slung, sleek styling; fat tyres and stiff suspension; a powerful engine and breakneck performance - these are all qualities the Hyundai Accent does not possess. So what’s it doing on BP?


Suit Up | Audi A4 1.4 TFSI S-tronic Design

Audi's new A4 is here and despite not looking very different from the model it replaces, the executive sedan has actually been reworked rather extensively.


Bare Bones

Caterham are known to make some of the most fearsome road legal cars around — even beating a Bugatti Veyron around the Top Gear track! And they all owe their lineage to one model: the Superlight


All-new XC90 heralds a new beginning for Volvo

Gothenburg's maiden SUV finally gets a replacement, and it's much more important to the company than you might think


Volkswagen Singapore's New Sales Program

Customers to have more personal attention at Volkswagen Exclusive


Director's Cut | BMW M135i

We've driven the M135i last year and it even made it to Burnpavement’s ‘Surprises of 2013’ list; this time, we sample a kitted M135i. Sound the alarm...


A Meeting With The Professor

Racing drivers live and breathe motorsports throughout their careers, but have you ever wondered what happens when they stop?

The Pit

Car Vs. Wild

For gearheads and survival junkies: It's time to rev up your engines for an action packed adventure!

The Pit

Rev up for F1 With The Ferrari Scuderia Headphones!

Gear up for the action with the sweet, sweet sounds of the Ferrari Scuderia P200 and R300 headphones by Logic3.


SingTel Presents Formula 1 Singapore Style!

SingTel, Title Sponsor of the Singapore Grand Prix brings the F1 race experience even closer to the hearts of Singaporeans with Formula 1 Singapore Style.