Motorsports's TimeToAttack Is Back!

BY Joel Tam

Following a phenomenal success in 2010,'s TimeToAttack is back with a vengeance. is proud to be the exclusive media for Singapore as we partner our pals at ZTH!

The pavement at Sepang will be scorching hot on the 20th of May as Round 1 of TimeToAttack kicks off.

First started in 2010 to celebrate their 10th anniversary,'s TimeToAttack was an event organised in search of the fastest man around Sepang. There was no better publication than to do this. (ZTH) started back in 2000, the same year was launched. The internet was young then, and ZTH was a pioneer in Malaysia, just as was a pioneer performance website in Singapore. As our popularity grew, a friendship between the two publications across two borders was forged. Now, 12 years later, we're finally working together!

The last TimeToAttack garnered a gargantuan turnout, with cars from all over Malaysia and Singapore participating in this all-out tyre-burning event. From Street Classes that include NA and turbocharged cars, to a Supercar Class and even a GT-R only Class, the cars were tearing up the tarmac as they vied for top honours.

2012 is no different! You can be a part of it too!
Spectator or participant, it's entirely up to you. One thing's for sure - These guys know what they're doing, and if you wouldn't be in better hands with anyone else.

Find out more here at the TimeToAttack website
Find our more about the car classes and categories 
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