Motorsports TimeToAttack 2012 Round Two

BY Joel Tam

We look back at's TimeToAttack Round Two as we build up to the finale event happening this Sunday! It's going to be the best ever with the a barrage of fast cars and hot race action!

Once again, the GTRs dominate the top podium finishes at the TimeToAttack 2012 Round Two. As we build up to the finale event this sunday, we look back at the highlights of Round Two and all the happening events that center around this awesome event by!

With a timing of 2:26.015 in his GTR, Arthur Lo's GTR was the fastest around the track for Round 2. The team from Singapore drove under the flag of Ascendant Motorsports and did well to do our country proud.

It was fastcars galore as drivers fought it out aggressively on the track in their respective categories. With even a Hybrid segment filled with Honda CR-Zs, not a group was left out. Similar to the first round, there were other fringe events like the supercar drag races, drifting demos by Tengku Djan in a Toyota 86, and the challenging Conemasters Gymkhana. As usual, we much prefer to let the pictures to do the talking.

For more information and details on how you can be part of the finale event this Sunday (Dec 16th 2012), visit!