Built-in 'swimming pool' in the Miata

BY Burnpavement

I was warned to constantly clear any debris, leaves, twigs, etc from the Miata's canvas roof surrounds. Some negligence on my part produced quite an interesting result...

Photos: Joel Tam

I started to get lazy, and everytime leaves and twigs landed on back of the canvas surrounds, I'd just drive off and hope that the wind velocity will do its job in blowing them off.

Many of you are surely smarter than me, so you'd know that it doesn't happen that way, instead the leaves fall through the frame rail and clog up the drain holes. And after a heavy downpour, or worse - a car wash of my own doing - I ended up with water in my door rocker panels. Which resulted in a very audible sloshing everytime I braked or took a corner. The zen-like sound of running water never felt so out of place.

Well, lesson learnt and problem fixed after I sent the Miata in for a full service and change of timing-belts. Along with that, a new set of speakers, fog lamps, and a chrome style bar!