Ferrari 12Cilindri Keeps The V12 Alive And Well

BY Sean Loo

With the new Ferrari 12Cilindri, the famous Italian V12 engine lives on, laughing in the faces of eco-conscious movements.

The persistence of certain traditions often holds a touch of the theatrical, much like the revered performance of a well-tuned orchestra in the heart of Vienna.

In a world rapidly pivoting towards the hum of electric motors, Ferrari stands proud with the unveiling of the 12Cilindri, a testament not only to its storied heritage but also to a stubborn resolve to keep the V12 engine roaring.

This V12 is no newcomer either. It traces its lineage back to 2002 with its grand debut in the Enzo, and has since evolved, yet not strayed from its original architecture.

We’re talking about an engine that’s grown from 6-litres to a robust 6.5-litres, continuously refined to squeeze out every bit of performance, now boasting a staggering 819 bhp.

Navigating through the complexities of modern emissions standards, the 12Cilindri, with a few clever tweaks, dances gracefully within the bounds of Euro 6e regulations set for 2025.

Enrico Galliera, Ferrari’s Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer, eloquently shared that this venture is as much about innovation as it is about flexibility in responding to global demands and regulations.

Ferrari knows its audience well; the 12Cilindri isn't for the masses, it's for the few. It’s for those who appreciate that the roar of a V12 isn’t just sound, it’s symphony and emotion.

The defiant rumble of Ferrari’s 12Cilindri serves as a resonant reminder that there are still those who champion the soul of driving over the whisper of pragmatism.