Formula 1 - Will Red Bull Dominate The Rest Of The 2024 Season?

BY Sean Loo

Red Bull enjoyed two 1-2 finishes to kick off the new season - is it time for the rest of the paddock to panic?

The 2024 Bahrain Grand Prix kicked off a new season with a sense of déjà vu, as Max Verstappen cruised to victory, reminiscent of races from the past two years.

Jeddah saw a repeat performance, with Verstappen leading a Red Bull one-two, highlighting the team's dominance.

Verstappen's lead remained unchallenged, and even a penalty couldn't stop Sergio Perez from securing second place.

While Ollie Bearman's stand-in for Carlos Sainz provided some entertainment (and a stunning debut performance), the championship picture remained largely unchanged.

Verstappen's dominance, while impressive, has left fans craving for more excitement, as no one seems able to match his pace. This raises questions about the future of the sport and whether Formula 1's owners should be concerned.

Historically, F1 has seen periods of dominance, but Verstappen's current streak is unprecedented.

Red Bull's early success in the 2022 regulation period has given them a significant advantage, making it challenging for competitors to catch up.

The sport has made efforts to enhance the show, introducing sprint races and shaking up race weekends. However, the overarching issue remains - Red Bull's dominance.

Aston Martin Team Principal Mike Krack's call to stay engaged is commendable, but Red Bull's relentless pursuit of excellence may leave little room for excitement in the coming seasons.

The Verstappen/Hamilton rivalry in 2021 set a high bar for F1, with its thrilling battles and unpredictable outcomes.

The absence of such competition has left a void, and F1 risks losing viewers if this trend continues.

While F1 prides itself as the pinnacle of motorsport, the current lack of competition threatens its appeal.

Bahrain may be just the beginning, but unless things change, F1 could face a decline in interest in the coming years.