Bugatti’s next hypercar will have a V16 engine

BY Sean Loo

The W16 is dead, but at least it’s not replaced by some form of electrification. Long live the V16!

Bugatti is shaking up the hypercar world once again with the announcement of its next beast: a hypercar featuring a V16 engine.

If you haven't already, drop everything and watch the video at the bottom of this news story to get a glimpse of the action.

While the rest of the automotive industry is downsizing, Bugatti is going big with another set of 16 cylinders, this time arranged in a V formation.

This move comes as Bugatti's response to its own legacy of pushing the boundaries of design, engineering, and performance.

Bugatti's statement reads, "With each generation of its hyper sports car, Bugatti has shifted the benchmark of design, engineering, performance, and craftsmanship to new heights. And this year, eight years to the day since the Chiron was revealed, Bugatti shows the world the first page of the newest chapter in its rich history."

The new hypercar, set to be unveiled in June, marks a new pinnacle in automotive engineering with a V16 hybrid powertrain at its core.

While it was known that a hybrid setup was in the works, the development of a new V16 engine specifically for Bugatti comes as a surprise, especially considering the all-electric focus of Bugatti's sister company, Rimac.

As we eagerly await the full reveal in June, one thing is for sure: Bugatti is once again raising the bar for hypercars, and we can't wait to see (and hear) what they have in store for us.

Check out the video here .