Real-World Range of New Porsche Taycan Is Impressive

BY Vivek Max R

Range-testing was done with four pre-series Taycan models between Los Angeles and San Diego.

In the last article, we took a look at how Porsche put its pre-series Taycan through gruelling and rigorous tests in different climatic conditions. Thing is, they weren't done yet. During an initial range test from Los Angeles to San Diego and back, pre-series models demonstrated their further improved efficiency.

The all-electric sports cars covered up to 587 kilometres on one battery charge on public roads. "For the particularly efficient Taycan sports saloon with the large battery, this practical, final test resulted in a total range of up to 587 kilometres," said Vice-President for the model line Kevin Giek.

"A great result. The range test in Southern California impressively demonstrated how efficient the reworked Taycan is. We are continuing to focus on our 'fast travel' strategy for electric mobility: short charging stops paired with high real-world ranges thanks to efficient drives."

The range test was carried out under everyday conditions. 12 international media representatives drove four Taycan sports saloons and a Taycan Cross Turismo across three days on Interstate Highway 405 and 5 between the Southern Californian metropolises of Los Angeles and San Diego.

The teams drove at the maximum speed of 75mph, or approximately 120km/h, permitted on interstates. All four test cars were equipped with the larger Performance Battery Plus.

The outside temperature peaked at around 26 degrees Celsius. The highway was dry on the first two test days and very wet on the last day, and wet weather typically reduces efficiency.

The cars were charged at the Electrify America Charger in Torrance/Los Angeles. Here, the Taycan demonstrated over 300 kW charging power for many minutes and was able to charge from 10 to 80 per cent state of charge several times in well under 20 minutes.

The charging performance, charging time and the time it takes to start charging were also greatly improved in this test.

Photo Credits: Porsche