Lamborghini and the dynamic relationship of design and aerodynamics

BY Sean Loo

Lamborghini design is extraordinary and inimitable, with today’s models born from more than six decades of inspirational and future-proof originality.

But as grounded within Lamborghini heritage and its brand DNA is performance, with aerodynamics a central and ongoing innovation within Lamborghini’s design studio and R&D teams.

Hence, the video “Beyond design, mastering the air” celebrates the mutual relationship between Lamborghini design and aerodynamics, explained by Design Director Mitja Borkert and Ugo Riccio, Coordinator of Aerodynamics, Aero Acoustics and Vehicle Thermal Management.

They ponder the relentless inspiration and drive, both personal and embedded within Lamborghini company DNA, that combines art and science to create masterpieces such as the new Lamborghini Revuelto.

Mitja Borkert, Design Director of Automobili Lamborghini, heads up the Centro Stile with 20 people overlooking the greater team of more than 60 specialists, while within Research and Development Ugo works alongside 7 engineers dedicated just to aerodynamics, as part of the team in the R&D department under the lead of Rouven Mohr, Lamborghini’s Chief Technical Officer. Working closely together, the design and R&D teams constantly collaborate, challenge, test and deliver.

Check out the video via this bit of highlighted text .