Subtle Aggression | Maximus Racing's Nissan GT-R

BY Joel Tam

No huge wings. No ground scraping body kit. Despite an understated facade, Maximus Racing's GT-R still reeks of pure aggression. That's just the way we like it.

Photos: Low Fai Ming

This being the first GT-R to grace the pages of, there was a bit of pressure to make sure we do a good shoot and feature. Faithful readers will know how we are and the quality we push ourselves to produce.

Well, it turns out it wasn't difficult at all. Not only because the car was gorgeous, but also because the company it represents is run by a really cool bunch of people - and when you work on a level of mutual respect, things only get easier.

There are numerous ways to modify a GT-R (in fact, leaving it bone stock is perfectly fine too). Maximus Racing has started out by making their car stop faster, handle sharper and cool better. Listen up, this is modification wisdom in itself - a car that handles better and stops faster can out-lap a car with more power but without the control.

Here are some goodies that give this GT-R the edge - as always we prefer to let the pictures do the talking.

Nordring Circuit aero front lower lip with front brake cooling ducts, matched with Nordring Circuit aero side spoilers with rear brake cooling ducts.

Nordring rear vented bumper houses an AMUSE R1 full titanium cat-back exhaust system.

Suspension is a safe bet with the system from the NISMO Club Sport edition, which maintains use of all the electronic suspension controls.

MCR 4-light kit and MCR LED side markers.

ALCON SuperKit Braking system with Billet monobloc calipers and custom candy orange paint job - housed within 20" RAYS VR G2 forged wheels in matt black.

Mine's Carbon rear wing cover.

More carbon detailing here with this Nordring front carbon grille.

Varis carbon bonnet adds 'fangs' to the car's already menacing face.

HKS intercooler kit with dry carbon air ducts and HKS transmission oil cooler kit. HKS EVC-5 controls the boost pressure.

Interior is kept clean and fuss-free at the moment.

MCR Custom tuned ECU brainwashes the GT-R to harness its maximum potential.

A pair of Bride Japan Limited Cuga sports seats with carbon back hold the pilot in place as the G's pull.

More Mine's bits include a straight convertor, Super Outlet Pro II and Mine's turbo actuators. Fuel injectors have been upgraded to 1000cc Injector Dynamics squirters and Walbro Fuel Pump ensure maximum flow.

All in all, the Maximus Racing GT-R is still a car you don't want to mess with. We've been promised to be kept in the loop for future enhancements. We will in turn update you, our readers, when that time comes.