Bimmer's Baby M-onster Sighted!

BY Burnpavement

The latest entry into the M range has it's roots in the original E30 M3, according to BMW.

Munich Automobiles hosted the first Asian preview of the BMW 1 Series M Coupé. With only 20 units offered, one was booked hours after it was unveiled at the private launch event.


BMW designed the 1 Series M Coupé to combine the raw capabilities of a race car with the agility, versatility, and driving position of a compact car that's capable for everyday use. The 1-series M is also aimed at the the younger customers by offering a lower entry point for the M range.

This being a serious BMW, all the gaping intakes and flared wheel arches are designed with functionality over form. Large air intakes feed air to the engine, as well as into two ducts that form an “air curtain” around the front wheels to reduce turbulence. The bulging arches are there because of its widened track width.

No bigger than the average family sedan, it has 340hp from in-line 3.0L 6-cylinder engine with M TwinPower Turbo and 450Nm of torque that can be increased to 500Nm with overboost. While it can do 0-100km/h in five seconds, BMW had to rein in this rocket's top speed at 250km/h. All that power is shifted through the six-speed manual gearbox for that purist feel. Inside, the 1-series M offers body-hugging sports seats in Boston leather as standard. Other than little hints of orange on the trim and M-logos, the cabin's shrouded in a sea of black in order not to distract the driver from the pleasure of driving, according to BMW. On the outside, it'll only be available in Alpine White, Sapphire Black and the exclusive Valencia Orange metallic.