Ice & Snow Meets Raging Bulls - Lamborghini Esperienza Neve 2023

BY Sean Loo

Ever wanted to hoon some ice-cold Lamborghinis around an ice circuit?

Lamborghini returns to the ice in Livigno with Esperienza Neve, a yearly event which sees guests test-drive some beautiful machinery.

Hosted in the beautiful setting of the Alps, this event is accompanied by Lamborghini Accademia drivers, including Factory Driver Leonardo Pulcini and numerous Super Trofeo drivers.

And the Italian marque really brought out a star lineup, consisting of the Huracán EVO, Huracán STO, Huracán Tecnica and Urus Performante.

Low temperatures of up to -18°C, and a perfect dynamic environment for a fun-to-drive experience, result in sliding bulls and tons of snow drifts. A pretty spectacle of colour set against the white of snow and ice.

While the Esperienza Neve event is nothing new for the Huracán EVO, the Huracán Tecnica and new Urus Performante are being tried out for the first time with the dynamic winter set-up, with their four-wheel-drive and four-wheel steering systems going all in on the action.

The rear-wheel drive Huracán STO and Tecnica are still sights to behold, kicking up lots of frigid snow in their wake.

This year is the eighth instalment of Esperienza Neve, and it's actually quite experiential for guests. After the screams and giggles from pitting a Lamborghini sideways, the event involves a series of exercises to practice driving on low-grip surfaces and become familiar with the different models, ensuring that every participant has the chance to discover the performance of the different Lamborghini models on winter tracks.

All of this, of course, without compromising on fun or safety. Emphasis on fun.