Lamborghini Accademia Neve returns to Livigno 2022

BY Vivek Max R

Take raging bulls by the horns and throw them into snow - oppa Lambo-style!

Think winter sports and images of downhill skiing, snowboarding and bobsledding may come to mind... maybe even a few rounds of curling. How about going sideways on ice and snow in a Huracán instead? Well, when Lamborghini has a say in the matter, it decided to make that a reality with a return to the ice ring in the Italian ski resort of Livigno in February 2022. Cue mental images of raging bulls with ice skates strapped onto their hooves.

"Lamborghini clients, seeking the world’s most perfect playgrounds for winter sports vacations, get behind the wheel for a three-day Accademia Neve. Freezing temperatures of around zero during daytime, dropping to around minus ten degrees at night, provide the perfect setting of ice and snow in which to test the sporty capabilities of the Lamborghini Huracán range and Urus Super SUV," is how the Sant’Agata Bolognese supercar firm describes the experience for their wealthy clientele in freezing temperatures.

Whilst at Accademia Neve, and when you hear someone talking about "the black runs," please do not conjure up thoughts of bovine bomb-bay doors opening followed by a slurry of extra-watery night-soil. No... rather, it refers to the challenging driving program that occurs on slippery black ice and snow. With Lamborghini at the helm, this also means that the program includes the luxury of being wined and dined and hosted in the best restaurants and hotels in the area. Guests can thus make up for the previous lost winter seasons thanks to human malware that's blighted the planet for the past two years.

Under the watchful eyes and direction of Lamborghini’s team of Squadra Corsa drivers, participants can aim to maximize their potential and Lamborghini cars’ capabilities in the winter sports environment. Lamborghini details what can be expected - "the four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering Huracán EVO and Urus perfectly perform each exercise on the challenging mountain ice track, while the rear-wheel drive Huracán STO3 delivers high-octane race-oriented control." It's nice to know that a variety of driving challenges await Accademia Neve's well-heeled clientele. Top-down thrills are also likely possible - see this:

Think 'cryotherapy' and one might imagine being poked and prodded therapeutically until one bursts out bawling like a baby. Alas, it describes something entirely different - high performance followed by freezing conditions in a therapeutic setting - something that is not new to Lamborghini where in the "Drivers' Lab" at Sant’Agata Bolognese, Lamborghini drivers take advantage of advanced training machines which can scan posture and performance in real time under the support of a personal trainer to keep up their performance edge, and then cool down with a cryotherapy session to keep them in top form.

Not that Accademia Neve's participants are expected to go through rigorous physical training followed by a freeze-bath, but Lamborghini would like us to know that it's no stranger to throwing red-hot raging bulls into snow - much to the benefit of it's elite customers.