The Car! Mazda Miata MX-5 1.6M

BY Burnpavement

No car retains its value as well as an MX5. With good reason too - It's superbly fun and satisfying to drive, turns heads with the top up or down, and is painless to maintain. So we bought one.

We got this unit at S$24,000 off a dealer in West Coast. We had been shopping around for a few months, only willing to settle for an accident-free unit with very little abuse.

Having purchased a fair share of pre-owned cars in the past, I had an idea what to look out for. But to play it even safer, we had the dealer do a full STA evaluation. We specified no under-table nonsense and we wanted a genuine full report. He returned with a 'B' grade and a comprehensive assessment of the car from the paintwork to the under carriage. We were satisfied.

The extras included a pair of Drift Racing 6-pot minis, full Ultra Racing under carriage bracing and a 300mm MOMO steering wheel - which is a joy to use.