Luminox Concludes Space Roadshow

BY Azfar Hashim

Space roadshow promoting once-in-a-lifetime flight into space

Photos courtesy of Crystal Time

Swiss watch brand, Luminox, has concluded its week long Luminox Space Roadshow from 29th August to 5th September 2014 at the Shaw House Urban Plaza, where a giant model of the Lynx Mark II spacecraft by XCOR, poised to bring intrepid Singaporean travellers on once-in-a-lifetime thrilling flights to space, was on display.

The Lynx Mark II (Length: 6 metres; Wingspan: 5 metres; Height: 5 metres) is a two-seat piloted space transport vehicle that will take passengers on a suborbital flight to 103 km above the Earth’s atmosphere, and then return safely to a landing at the take-off runway. The engine of the Lynx Mark II is reusable and re-ignitable, which also marks a major progression in aerospace engineering. Since the Apollo II first moon landing mission, subsequent manned space capsules could only achieve a safe return to Earth by landing in the ocean, which rendered the engine non-reusable as the seawater often ruins the electronics. With the Lynx Mark II designed to land safely on land, its engine is rendered reusable and therefore, able to launch multiple spaceflights to facilitate the development of an exciting new industry in space tourism.

The Luminox Space Roadshow coincided with the official launch of Luminox’s new Space Series of GMT watches, including the Luminox Space Pilot Professional Ana-Digi worn by space pilots, in partnership with XCOR Space Expeditions, a private company dedicated to offering commercially viable spacecrafts for consumers, such as the Lynx Mark II spacecraft by XCOR.

This is the first time a Swiss watch brand has brought in a giant display of a commercially viable spacecraft that will take consumers to space. Since 1989, Luminox has built up a global cult following for its Sea, Air and Land Swiss-made adventure watches for the world’s most elite military and law enforcement professionals, including the US Navy SEALS, the US Air Force, the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department), amongst others.

During the week-long Luminox Space Roadshow, which was launched with a press conference on 29 August 2014, Luminox Space “astronaut” mascots mingled widely with members of the public across Singapore to create awareness and ignite imaginations with the prospect of space travel becoming closer to reality for the “man in the street”.

A ticket on the Lynx Mark II spacecraft to space is priced at US$100,000. So far, since the Luminox Space Roadshow, about five Singaporeans have registered their interest to take on the unique experience of travelling to space on the Lynx Mark II spacecraft. For enquiries on the purchase of tickets on the Lynx Mark II spacecraft, members of the public can contact Crystal Time (S) Pte Ltd, distributor of Luminox Swiss-made watches in Singapore, at info@crystaltime.com.sg or call 6747 8888.