Toyota Reveals Line-Up For 2013

BY Joel Tam

Toyota shares with us their host of new exciting models and wallet-friendly cars for the year ahead.

Long before our government took notice of the importance of low-carbon motoring and CEVS came into play, many brands in the industry have been focusing on a low-carbon society.

One such brand is Toyota. With a long history of “Kaizen” - which means 'continuous improvement' , their advancements in developing next-generation vehicles utilizing alternative fuels like compressed natural gas, electricity and hydrogen are rooted in the vision of developing an eco-friendly motoring world.

These efforts resulted in the world’s first mass-produced hybrid – the Prius – back in 1997. Since then, Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) has gone on to produce 19 hybrid passenger car models and one plug-in hybrid vehicle model, all of which are found in about 80 countries worldwide. Global cumulative sales of TMC-produced hybrids to date have topped 4.6 million units. 

In Singapore, with a dominant market share, Borneo Motors is currently the leader in hybrids, offering the widest range of hybrid models in various segments. The Prius C, being the leader in the hybrid segment, topping the charts with 33.6% market share since its launch in Feb 2012 and has grown the segment.

With the introduction of CEVS, drivers will now be rewarded when choosing a Toyota while contributing to cleaner air. Leading the pack are their Prius 1.8 and Prius C 1.5, which qualify for the maximum CEVS rebate of $20,000 in addition to the savings that come from their world-leading fuel efficiency.

Alongside the CEVS-ready vehicles in the Toyota stable, 3 brand new models will be added to Toyota line-up.

A Cat A hatchback in the form of the Yaris 1.3 will qualify for CEVS rebate of SGD 15,000. The Yaris will pack 100 bhp and 125 Nm, with paddle shifters for a sporty drive.

Cat A will also see a new MPV, the new Avanza 1.5 will carry 7 adults comfortably and be powered by a 16-valve 106 bhp engine. Also, the new generation Auris 1.6 with 132 bhp and 160 Nm is housed in a sporty shell and loaded with excellent specs, but also has outstanding fuel efficiency and low emissions, helping it qualify for a rebate of SGD 10,000.

In addition to the above, 2013 will see the launch of the all new Vios 1.5 and Rav4 2.0. The Camry, Previa and 86 will also undergo facelifts and be enhanced in their competitive offerings.