Volkswagen Announces TDI Lineup To Meet CEVS Head-On

BY Joel Tam

Always ready to seal their lead in market share for premium German cars, Volkswagen has prepared a sweet lineup of diesel-powered cars that will guarantee you rebates when CEVS kicks off in 2013.

Photos: Joel Tam & Volkswagen Press

As the Singaporean government prepares to launch a new Carbon Emissions-Based Vehicle Scheme (CEVS), that will see motorists here save money on their purchases of cars with low CO2 outputs, Volkswagen has done their homework and drawn up a 11-model diesel range.

Already known for their robust build, punchy engines and handsome German looks, the brand will very likely win more customers with the savings that come with the new range. A Polo BlueMotion will save you SGD 20,000 with the new scheme. Want something with more space? The Touran TDI 1.6 comes with a SGD 15,000 rebate. For those who want something different, fret not, even the Beetle TDI 1.6 gets a similar rebate at a whopping SGD 15,000!

The media also got to hear first-hand about the reliability of Volkswagen's TDI technology, from Rainer Zietlow, who recently set a new World record in a Touareg TDI. His jaw-dropping adventure with the car spanned 23,000km, making it the world’s longest road drive from Melbourne, Australia to St Petersburg in Russia. He did it in 17 days, 18 hours and 49 minutes.

For more information on Volkswagen's TDI range, check out this link (check out their cool rebate slider):