The Pit

Goodyear Tyre Owners Speak Out!

BY Joel Tam

All tyre makers claim their products are great. But the true judges are the customers themselves. We partner Goodyear to find out what their customers think.

Every major player in the  tyre-making business has some form of a history. Some can even boast of having racing and motorsports background and research under their belt. 

Goodyear has all of that and more. Yet when it came to marketing their new range of tyres, they chose to work not with their accolades (of which they have many), but instead, with their customers. Many brands have laid claim that their tyres are the grippiest, the quietest, and the most fuel efficient. But who really knows best?
It’s none other than the customer, after all, they’re paying good money for that new set of tyres, and they’re the ones running them day in, day out. The drivers Goodyear chose are not just men in the street though. These guys and gals know how to drive and are active in both their car clubs and their circle of like-minded friends. So they really know what they’re talking about!