It's Here! Toyota Launches New 86

BY Joel Tam

The car everyone has been waiting for is finally here. Just off the port, these spanking new cars were freshly prepared for the media to have a taste.

Photos: Low Fai Ming

From our first impressions, the Toyota 86, as it will officially be known here, is a splendid driver's car. Nimble, adjustable and light on its feet. Quite simply - NICE!
Burnpavement.com and N.GINE readers are a smart lot, all of you are aware of the history linkages with the AE86, GT2000, yadda yadda, so we won't bore you with that. What's important to note is that there will be two main models. The base S-model will be available in 6-speed manual and 6-speed automatic, both at the same price of $183,988. The GS-model will have Smart Entry, Smart Start, HID lights, paddle-shifters for the automatic transmission, frameless rear-view mirror, digital speedo, amongst other things. A GS specced 86 will require you to fork out $10,000 more.
Early birds get a free upgrade to the full TRD bodykit you see in the photos below. A bit fussy we admit, but we like nonetheless! Want the full TRD goodie pack? Drop by Borneo Motors for more information on their  the top-of-the-range TRD Performance package.

Oh, did we forget to mention that Toyota wants you to take this out for a test-drive? Because even if you can't own one now, they'd be happy for you to pin up the lovely shots from their brochure to remind yourself to aspire towards owning one in the near future.

It looks great in the flesh too, especially in Lightning Red. This car will stand out from the sea of mundane looking cars on the road.

Check this out! The fully specced top-of-the-range TRD Performance package 86.

GS model will come with digital speedo.

Push these buttons to arouse your senses.

The automatic gearshift column looks like a manual one! So cool!

Cars lined up for the media to blast around. Everyone was waiting in anticipation.

The 86 makes use of it's low centre of gravity and 200 bhp unit to power through quick directional changes with aplomb. The automatic variant is already a nice drive, but the manual shifter is an added joy to use with its short throw and slick shifting action.

VSC stability control ensured that if you don't intend to make use of the 86's rear-wheel drive 'abilities', you'd still be safe around a wet corner even at high speeds.

But if you want to, this car will still gladly go sideways!

Handsome in black too.

We'll share more when we get the full test-drive. But for now, we'd put our money down on this one. You should too.