A Look At DC Shoes' Flagship Store At ION Orchard

BY Burnpavement

If you're a big Ken Block fan and have some ideas of having a Rally Ford Fiesta, how about some apparel to go with the look?

If you're wondering what is DC Shoes, it's a brand that specializes in footwear for extreme sports that ranges from skateboarding, snowboarding as well as driving. Founded by Ken Block and Damon Way in 1993, it has expanded it's range to include apparel and accessories too.

To give you a good idea of the full range, you can start by visiting DC Shoes' first flagship store in Singapore, which also boasts the biggest Ken Block range in all of Asia. With plenty of Gymkhana tees, hoodies and Ken Block's driving shoes, does it sound like a drivers-only haven? Nope!

One of the displays isn't just a seasonal prop. If you're an avid (and hip) cyclist, you'll instantly recognize the orange DC & SE Racing P.K. Ripper Fixed Gear bike — or fixie, for those in the know. The rest of the store space is packed to the max with a wide range of apparel and trendy accessories such as backpacks, caps, key chains and even kids clothes!

Did we mention that this store boasts the biggest Ken Block range in Asia? The Ken Block Collection consists of tees, shoes, hoodies as well as caps!

And if you think that the suspiciously cheap stuff you see out there are the same, they are like a car “rebranded” to look like a more expensive ride. The fakes will never beat the real thing - they are not interested in making videos like the Gymkhana series or developing the sport further. We've seen those fake stuff — they just look cheap and feels nasty, nothing close to the originals that we saw in the store.

Get the real stuff at the DC Shoes Flagship Store, located at ION Orchard #B3-31!