Caltexâ„¢ & Burnpavement.com Caltexâ„¢ Techron Car Decal Program Final Drive!

BY Joel Tam

We conclude our Caltexâ„¢ Techron car decal program with a final convoy down the bustling lanes of Orchard Road, just before breaking for dinner at East Coast Parkway!

Photos: Joel Tam

What a sight! With engines and exhausts roaring away, our 10 Caltex™ Techron performance cars drove through the busy streets of town all decked out in bubbly decals. This time, instead of a morning drive, we did it during the evening rush hour!

Jaws dropped as the cars proudly declared the message that Caltex™ Techron cleans even the sportiest engines! From the starting point at Dempsey to the end point at East Coast Parkway, the cars paraded through the busy streets and caught the eye of many.

The drivers were all smiles and had only good things to say about the petrol, all of them experienced a smoother drive with Caltex™ Techron.

We would like to thank Caltex™ Singapore for their partnership in this and to all our drivers for their time and participation. From a Volkswagen Golf R to the Mitsubishi EVO X, Caltex™ Techron is their fuel of choice!

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