I Eat, I Shoot, I Post | BMW 1 Series M Coupe

BY Joel Tam

By now, most of you would have read about how great the 1 Series M Coupe is. I'm not about to sing a different tune, so you might as well just scroll down and see the awesome photos we took!

Photos: Low Fai Ming

For those of you who have decided to spare me some time for my efforts, thank you. I'll reward you with a pair of our new car window decals - seriously. Simply email me your address and I'll have them mailed over to you.

Back to the 1 Series M Coupe.

You probably would have already heard of the historical analogies, comparisons to previous M cars, how it's inspired by the original compact E30 M3, etc. So I won't go there. Instead, I will share with you from a more 'artistic' point of view, what this car means to me and why I think it's the best thing since Salvation.

If the 1M is an award-winning dish, then BMW's M Division is the master chef. With this awesome recipe, they used ingredients from the BMW larder and cooked up nothing less than a storm.

Here's something to whet your appetite. 335 bhp, 450 Nm and 0-100 km/h in 4.7 seconds. This dish wasn't created to simply fill your tummy, it was braised and slow-cooked to make sure you relish every flavour it has to offer.

Even the presentation on the outside was not overlooked. Deep gaping vents, wide-body arches and huge 19" wheels add to the dramatic stance. Every angle screams performance!

Ready to take your first bite? Start the engine and all six cylinders will fire up, filling the interior with a convincing roar from the sports exhaust. Savour the sensation of the rumbling notes.

Dig into the tarmac and you'll find hints of familiar flavours - the brakes, differential and wheels are ingredients also found in M Division's other award-winning dish, the M3.

Go on, take a bite off that corner and see how this awesome piece of machinery will chew on it like a dog to a bone. It is so relentlessly quick and handles so crisply even potato chips will be jealous!

That said, you have to approach this meal with some respect. The full-bodied and robust flavours are best savoured at a modest pace, or they can overpower you and leave you humbled.

So the 1 Series M Coupe manages to be flavour-bursting quick-treat and a relaxing sit-down meal all rolled in one. At around $265,000, it doesn't come cheap - but let this be official, it is an awesome dish, and it is definitely worth dieting ... I mean, saving for.

Those of you wishing to sample this dish can head down to Munich Automobiles, where a platter of M cars await you. There are no Groupons or vouchers you can redeem via, but there's no harm mentioning us! Bon appetit!