Jetex Sports Exhaust Lands In Singapore

BY Joel Tam

The popular sports exhaust brand from Sweden and the UK has appointed JD Performance as the distributor, and they in turn have not wasted time by appointing dealers island wide.

Photos: Dave Lim

Volkswagens and Audis are without doubt one of the fastest growing brands in Singapore. That is why JD Performance, the distributor of Jetex Sports Exhausts systems have made it a priority to appoint a dealer to handle these brands, before any other marque.

As the dealer for Volkswagen and Audi, Horizon Auto Tuners (HAT) invited owners and enthusiasts from the local Volkswagen and Audi forum (VAGSG) for an exclusive demo viewing - those who came got to experience the awesome sights and sounds of what the exhuast system had to offer.

Jetex Sports Exhaust have met the necessary criteria for LTA compliance. A wide range of LTA approved systems await car owners, including systems for BMW, Ford, Mazda, Mini, Opel, Saab, Skoda, Subaru, Suzuki, Volvo and more.

Call Horizon Auto Tuners at +65 9681 6469 for enquiries on Volkswagen and Audi systems.
For other systems, call Dave from JD Performance at +65 9711 8231.

Jetex Sports Exhausts feature fully polished exhaust tips, mufflers and resonators. Full Cat-Back system with quad pipes as seen here on this Volkswagen Scirocco.

Scirocco owners admire the quad pipe-equipped rear end of the black demo car.

Build up the revs and be entertained by "pop" music from the exhaust overrun.

"Wah... so fierce. Gotta get myself one of those."

Julian Poon from HAT, taking customers for a demo run - there's nothing like first hand experience to seal the deal.

Also installed on the car were these APi (Australian Performance Innovations) Racing Type RS coilovers - power and handling always go together.

APi Racing coilovers after installation on the 1.4 TSI Volkswagen Scirocco.

Lowered car is ready to Roc, but not 'roll'.