Celebrating 106 years Of Automotive History

BY Burnpavement

Harvest Automobiles commemorates the 106th anniversary of Å koda automotive history.

Škoda Auto is one of the world's oldest car-makers. It was 106 years ago that the first car left the production plant in Mladá Boleslav. The Voiturette Laurin & Klement A commenced a new period in the company's history and very few car manufacturers have such a long and uninterrupted history that continues to today.

Brief history:
1895 – Laurin & Klement established to manufacture bicycles
1899 – First motorcycle: Slavia Type A
1905 – First automobile: Voiturette Laurin & Klement A
1907 – Laurin & Klement firm becomes a joint-stock company
1925 – Merger with the industrial enterprise Škoda Plzeň
1930 – Transformation into the ASAP – automobile joint-stock company
1939 – Škoda forced to become a part of the German Reich economic system
1945 – Nationalization, change into AZNP (Automobile Works, National Enterprise)
1991 – Transformation into the joint-stock company Škoda, a. a. s., which becomes a part of Volkswagen

In celebration of this milestone, Harvest Automobiles will host a series of celebratory promotions ending with a big anniversary bash in July. Beginning this week, all Å koda models will be going at an exceptional price. To highlight one of the special promotions, the Å koda Superb will be going at a celebratory price of S$139,106. Also in time for this celebration is the arrival of the new Å koda Fabia RS 1.4 TSI and Å koda Fabia Combi 1.2 TSI, both fitted with an automatic seven-speed DSG transmission.