This Is The Last Ever Bugatti Chiron

BY Sean Loo

Bugatti’s last 1,479bhp W16 Chiron rocketship rolls off the line. How time flies.

Bugatti has dubbed its last Chiron creation the "L’Ultime" and fittingly, it's an extraordinary finale for the Chiron line.

Wrapped in an exclusive livery that combines 'Atlantic Blue' and 'French Racing Blue,' this bespoke 500th Chiron echoes the original hues unveiled back in 2016.

Key locations in the Chiron's lifespan are also sprawled across its flanks, with evocative names like Geneva, where it debuted, Paul Ricard for its tireless testing, and Ehra-Lessien, where it shattered the 300mph barrier.

Chronicling feats from across the globe, right down to Molsheim, its birthplace.

This final edition is adorned with ‘500’ motifs strategically placed from the rear wing to the engine cover, signifying its place as the last of its line. Under that cover lies the last 8.0-litre W16 engine for a 'regular' Chiron, marking the end of an era.

Inside, a “carbon fibre symphony” beckons; an opulent fusion of blue hues across carbon and leather.

As Bugatti turns the page with the Chiron’s farewell, the anticipation builds for what’s next.

The Bolide and the W16 Mistral are on the horizon, with a new model teased for unveiling soon.