Now You Can Fight In A Porsche Macan in Overwatch 2

BY Sean Loo

Porsche has recently announced a unique collaboration in Overwatch 2 that brings the iconic design of the Macan into the fast-paced world of hero shooters.

Overwatch 2 has been gaining popularity with its intense PvP action, and this collaboration adds a new layer of customisation with multiple new cosmetic items, including a legendary skin for D.Va.

Inspired by Porsche's latest EV, the skin features intricate details mirroring the sleek design of the Macan, complete with Porsche lettering at the back of her mech.

For those who want to experience the collaboration in a more tangible way, Porsche has created a 7ft physical model of the skin, which will be showcased at the Porsche Full Service installation at Brazos Hall on 12 March.

The installation is set to appear at more events throughout the year, offering fans a chance to get up close and personal with this unique crossover of gaming and automotive design.

Deniz Keskin, Porsche's head of brand management and partnerships, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating, "Overwatch 2 offers a sophisticated backstory, and players can easily identify with the characters.”

“These were important building blocks for us to create a brand collaboration with Blizzard, and tell a story inspired by the new all-electric Macan."