Pure Muscle! HSV Lands In Singapore!

BY Joel Tam

You've seen them in all their aggressive glory in photos. You've read about their enormous torque and sonorous V8 soundtrack. Well they're finally here, and man, do they rock!

The ultimate muscle car is here. Harvest Automobiles has launched the HSV brand of performance cars from down under, here in Singapore. HSV (Holden Special Vehicles) is to Holden what the M division is to BMW, or AMG is to Mercedes-Benz.

Top-of-the-range model in the line-up available here is the 435bhp 6.2-litre LS3 V8 powered GTS four door sedan. Also available are the Maloo ute, Grange, Senator Signature and R8 Clubsport Tourer. All powered by the same monster V8 motor, but tuned to a slightly different song.

The range of HSV models will be based on the recently facelifted E3-series Commodore sedans.

For the GTS, the Enhanced Driver Interface (EDI) is a data logging interface. Now the driver can record and download performance related data like G-force, lap times (using GPS), throttle opening, etc. The recorded telemetry data can then be downloaded via USB.

Prices for the HSV line-up start from S$318,000.