DAMD’s Jimnys Are A Retro Callback to Rally in the 80s

BY Sean Loo

Debuting at Tokyo Auto Salon 2024, can you guess which cars inspired this pair of Jimnys?

Tokyo Auto Salon 2024 just wouldn't be the same without DAMD's unique touch, and this year, they've taken a delightful detour from their usual mini-Defender and G-Class transformations.

DAMD has turned to the rally legends of the '80s for inspiration, bringing to life two Suzuki Jimny concepts that radiate 'European Masterpiece' charm, complete with classic white rims from Italian firm OZ Racing.

The first concept, aptly named the DAMD Little 5 or Little Cinq, is an homage to the Renault 5 Turbo. Sporting a 'Non Turbo' decal, it playfully contrasts with its Monte Carlo Rally-winning muse.

The transformation begins with a transplant of the 5 Turbo's visage onto the Jimny, executed with tasteful restraint. The widebody kit is subtly designed, with rear fenders that don't overpower the car's look.

Side air intakes and the absence of a hood vent maintain the Jimny's character while incorporating elements of the rally car. The rear wing and diamond emblem resembling Renault's logo add finishing touches to this clever design.

The other car is the DAMD Little Δ or Little Delta, a tribute to the Lancia Delta Integrale. It adopts the iconic Group A car's circular headlamps and split grille.

Its striking red paint and green-and-white racing stripes are a nod to Lancia's Italian roots. In true Integrale fashion, a prominent rear wing crowns this modified Jimny, completing the rally-inspired look.

DAMD hasn't entirely abandoned their Defender-inspired mods – their van concepts are also a highlight of this year's Tokyo Auto Salon.

Suzuki, on the other hand, hasn't hinted at any reimagined Jimnys for this year's show, but they've consistently delivered intriguing builds. Let’s see what 2025 has in store.