This Is The All-New Porsche Macan

BY Sean Loo

The Porsche Macan has been exhilarating the automotive world since its debut over a decade ago.

Now, it's time to plug in and power up as Porsche unveils the new all-electric Macan. Debuting in Singapore, it promises to eclipse even the legendary 911 in popularity stakes.

Two variants were revealed at launch - the Macan 4 and the Macan Turbo.

Crafted on the Premium Platform Electric (PPE), these models are designed with DNA borrowed from the Taycan.

At first glance, the Macan's silhouette remains largely the same.

As you look through these photos, you'll notice a sharper, more coupé-like profile that marries classic Porsche contours with futuristic flair, with the Macan taking design cues from the facelifted Cayenne and third-generation Panamera.

The new model flaunts aerodynamic prowess, courtesy of Porsche Active Aerodynamics (PAA), ensuring that the Macan cuts through the air efficiently, with a drag coefficient of just 0.25cd.

The Macan's interior has also been given a thorough refresh, sporting a new 12.6-inch curved instrument display flanked by a pair of 10.9-inch infotainment screens (the passenger display is optional).

The roomier cabin, thanks to an extended wheelbase, promises comfort in spades for the whole family. The increased cabin space also gives way to a 540-litre (Macan 4) or 480-litre (Turbo) boot, plus a sizeable 84-litre frunk.

Both variants of the Macan are fitted with a dual-motor AWD setup.

The Macan 4 with 408hp and 650Nm of torque clocks the 0-100km/h sprint in just 5.2 seconds, while the Macan Turbo turns the heat up with 636hp and an eye-watering 1,130Nm of torque, completing the century marker in just 3.3-seconds.

Despite the advent of power available at your disposal, the new Macan still manages a respectable 613km (Macan 4) or 591km (Macan Turbo) thanks to a robust 100kWh battery.

The battery pack also supports up to 270kW DC fast charging, matching the Taycan’s peak charge rate.

Even with the new styling and increased practicality, Porsche’s engineers still wanted the Macan to feel and drive like a proper Porsche.

With tweaks to the chassis and Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM), the air suspension now features two-valve dampers and revised mapping for better stability.

Plus, for the first time in the Macan’s history, rear-wheel steering can be selected as an option. 5° of available steering angle doesn’t sound like much, but it can narrow the car’s turning radius to just 11.1m.