Indonesia’s Moreno Pratama Takes The Crown At 2023 HyperDrive Cities Championship

BY Sean Loo

Indonesia’s Moreno Pratama has lifted his first ever HyperDrive Cities Championship (HDC) title.

On the 4th of November, the HyperDrive Cities Championship (HDC) witnessed the rise of a new virtuoso on the track – none other than Pratama, snatching both victory and the SGD$3,500 prize money.

Now, let's talk competition. In the epic showdown that unfolded on the Kuala Lumpur City Street Circuit, Pratama, with the finesse of a seasoned racer, secured pole position in the qualifying rounds. From there, it was pedal to the virtual metal, leaving his rivals trailing in the shimmering wake of his digital exhaust. The gap between him and his closest competitor? A jaw-dropping eight seconds.

While Pratama was comfortably cruising to victory, a fierce tussle raged for the coveted second spot. Thanathip Thanalapanan, Kamil Pawlowski, Fadhli Rachmat, Andika Rama Maulana, and Daffa Ardiansa, a cohort of pixelated gladiators, engaged in a battle royale for that elusive runner-up position.

In the end, the podium found its contenders. Thanalapanan and Pawlowski claimed their respective places, earning SGD$2,500 and SGD$1,500. As for the 2021 and 2022 champ, Andika Rama Maulana, well, seventh was his destiny after Ardiansa faced the bitter pill of a post-race penalty. It's the kind of plot twist that keeps you on the edge of your virtual seat.

Now, let's zoom out for a moment and appreciate the orchestration behind this digital symphony. The HDC Championship, orchestrated by the masterminds at Legion of Racers, has been a three-year odyssey into the heart of e-motorsports. The pulsating circuits, from Orchard Road to Jakarta Semanggi, and now the vibrant Kuala Lumpur streets, have become the canvas for these cybernetic gladiators.

In the words of the victor, Moreno, "I did not expect to achieve my first win in this very competitive HyperDrive Cities Championship." Well, surprises are the essence of any great race, aren't they?

Melvin Moh, the maestro behind the Legion of Racers and HyperDrive Cities Championship, chimes in with a tip of the hat to Moreno and a hearty shout-out to all the sponsors and partners who made this digital spectacle possible. A special nod to BWT for joining the virtual party this year – your colours added a splash of vibrancy to the tracks.

And so, the digital dust settles, the cheers echo in the pixelated corridors, and Pratama etches his name into the annals of HDC history. The Kuala Lumpur City Street Circuit delivered, the racers soared, and we, the virtual spectators, were treated to a spectacle that transcended the boundaries between the real and the pixelated.