Maserati Unveils New MC20 Notte

BY Sean Loo

The Maserati MC20 Notte is a fierce creature of the nocturnal world.

The MC20, Maserati's prodigy, already a symphony of power and luxury. Now, imagine it draped in the cloak of the night, a limited edition masterpiece called the Notte Edition. Only 50 of these globally, so you know we're in for something truly exclusive.

This isn't just a car; it's a celebration of Maserati's unbridled spirit, harking back to the days when the Trident first tasted glory on the racetrack. The MC20, born to race and bred for the road, now takes a detour into the realm of darkness.

The brains behind this nocturnal marvel, the Maserati Fuoriserie team, teamed up with the maestro of the track, Andrea Bertolini – Maserati's chief test driver and a former GT1 world champion. Together, they birthed a visual symphony in the form of the MC20 Notte's bodywork.

Starting with a glossy black canvas, it transforms into a magnetic matte 'nero essenza' hue, ready to radiate in the dark. It's like Maserati handed the paintbrush to a track predator, Bertolini, who turned the details – the Trident, side logos, and the Maserati signature – into matte white gold. It's a nod to Maserati's glorious motorsport legacy, illuminated in the dark.

And those wheels, my friends, they're not just there for show. The 20" matte black birdcage wheels, kissed by a touch of matte white golden, are glued to the tarmac, ready to own the road. The brake calipers? Sleek black.

Inside the MC20 Notte, you're greeted with 6-way power sport seats in Alcantara black/grey, adorned with yellow stitching. The Trident graces the headrests, and the Alcantara sport steering wheel flaunts carbon fibre inserts. It's a cockpit of elegance and power.

Now, for the pièce de résistance – an exclusive metal plate proudly proclaiming the MC20 Notte Edition's uniqueness, nestled between the headrests. And oh, that subtle 'UNA DI 50' (one of 50) signature, sealing the deal.

Fuoriserie, which translates to 'custom-built' in Italian, has birthed this one-of-a-kind creation. Klaus Busse, the maestro of Maserati design, puts it succinctly, "MC20 Notte celebrates the thrill of racing and the allure of the night, combining supreme performance and Italian elegance with a touch of mystery." It's a dance of power and mystery under the moonlit sky.

And how do we celebrate this nocturnal marvel? With none other than the legendary David Beckham, Maserati's global brand ambassador and a fervent MC20 enthusiast. In a mesmerising short film, Beckham's MC20, under the touch of the golden ace Bertolini, transforms into a racing creature, tearing through the night – a symphony of power and elegance, leaving a trail of stardust across the city and the racetrack.

For those lucky enough to call the MC20 Notte their own, Maserati has a special treat in store – an on-track driving experience, because this isn't just a car; it's an experience, a celebration of speed, style, and the allure of the night. Maserati, you've outdone yourself, and we're ready for this nocturnal odyssey.