Formula 1 Academy announces 2024 calendar

BY Sean Loo

Formula 1 Academy unveils an inspiring 2024 calendar, providing more opportunities for new talent to perform on the global stage.

Formula 1 Academy is back with its much-anticipated 2024 season. Imagine this: seven rounds, seven opportunities for raw talent to shine under the spotlight of the FIA Formula One World Championship.

The stage is set, the engines are revving, and the excitement is palpable.

Now, the journey kicks off in the deserts of Saudi Arabia on March 7. Fast forward through the year, and it all culminates in the glitzy glamour of Abu Dhabi on December 8.

Miami, Qatar, and Singapore are joining the party for the very first time too. And let's not forget our old friends, Zandvoort and Barcelona, returning for a second year, adding a touch of nostalgia to the mix.

Now, what makes this calendar truly special is the diversity it brings to the table. We're crossing continents, crisscrossing the globe with races on three different continents: Europe, Asia, and North America. It's a tapestry woven with street circuits and traditional tracks, providing a dynamic challenge for our racers.

The calendar is not just about racing; it's about growth, development, and learning. It will be complemented by a robust testing calendar, an essential playground for honing skills and mastering the art of speed. Stay tuned for more details on this front.

What makes this season even more remarkable is the unprecedented support from the giants of the sport. All ten Formula 1 teams are rallying behind F1 Academy, each lending their skill and panache.

Susie Wolff, the Managing Director of F1 Academy, captured the spirit perfectly, stating, “We want to inspire young girls and women across the globe and show them that there’s a place for them in our sport." This is not just racing; it's a mission, a beacon of hope, a path for aspiring racers to follow their dreams.

Stefano Domenicali, President and CEO of Formula 1, acknowledged the grandeur of this collaboration, stating, "This global platform, combined with the support of all ten F1 teams, will take the series to the next level."

The 2024 season of Formula 1 Academy is not just about racing; it's about inspiring dreams, nurturing talent, and racing alongside F1. It's a movement, an invitation for young girls and women to conquer the racetrack.