Third Edition of HyperDrive Cities Championships 2023 Kicks Off

BY Sean Loo

HyperDrive Cities Championships 2023: Where Sim Racing Meets KL's Digital Speedway.

The third edition of the HyperDrive Cities Championships (HDC) is revving up its digital engines for an electrifying race. And this year, they're hitting the virtual tarmac of Kuala Lumpur's very own City Street Circuit.

Picture this: Sim racers from all corners of the region gearing up to compete in a high-stakes showdown. The prize pool? A cool SGD$10,000 for the top 10 finishers. That's not just virtual glory; that's some real-world moolah right there.

Now, the HDC Championships are no ordinary race. It's a creation of the masterminds at Legion of Racers (LOR), an esports and entertainment brand founded by racing aficionados Lim Keong Wee and Melvin Moh.

This year, they've pulled a wild card from their digital hat—the KL City Street Circuit. It's the first time this dynamic circuit will feature in the HDC Championships. Crafted by the LOR team, it's part of a series of regional sim racing tracks specially designed for this competition.

More than 150 sim racers from the region are expected to take the digital plunge into this year's championships. The KL Street Circuit draws inspiration from the 2015 KL City Grand Prix. It offers not one but two layouts—a 3.5km track and a 4.7km one. For the HDC Championships 2023, our racers will be tackling the 3.5km layout.

Melvin Moh, the Co-Founder of LOR, is excited about the new challenge. "Sim racers will have to deal with new challenges as they compete on a brand new circuit," he says, and boy, he's not kidding. The competition promises to bring the best sim racers from the region together, and they'll be navigating a track built from scratch.

And speaking of top racers, keep an eye on Andika Rama Maulana. He's already bagged the HDC Champion title twice in a row in 2021 and 2022. This speed demon from Team LOR is on a quest to make it a hat-trick in 2023. "Winning the championships for a third year in a row is what I am aiming for," says Andika. But let's not forget, he'll be facing some fierce competition.

Not long ago, Andika outshone 15 qualifiers in the region at the Toyota Gazoo GT Cup Asia 2023 competition in Kuala Lumpur. Mark your calendars from 23 to 29 October, and the top 25 sim racers will secure their place in the finals on 4 November.

And in a digital era where everything is streamed, you can bet that the HDC Championships 2023 will be live on YouTube. Big names like Next Level Racing, Logitech G, Tarmac Works, and Motul are already on board as partners.

For more details and the lowdown on all things HDC Championships, visit the official HyperDrive Cities Championships website at It's your pit stop for all the racing action you need.