Jaguar Land Rover honours Queen Elizabeth II at Goodwood Revival

BY Sean Loo

A total of nine vehicles that were all used by the Royal Family took a commemorative lap of the Goodwood Revival circuit, marking the first anniversary of her passing.

Let's take a moment to step back in time and revisit a touching tribute paid by Jaguar Land Rover to the memory of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

It's been a year since her passing, and the British automaker decided to commemorate this solemn occasion with a convoy of Royal vehicles, embarking on a poignant lap around the iconic Goodwood revival circuit.

This procession of vehicles has been an integral part of the Royal Family's history, and is a testament to a bygone era, each bearing witness to moments of royal significance, whether in official capacities or as cherished members of the household fleet.

Nine remarkable vehicles, spanning the illustrious history of the Defender and Range Rover models. Among them is a true gem – the Series I Defender, the very first State Review Land Rover.

This stalwart of the road accompanied Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, on a monumental six-month tour of the Commonwealth. It's a vehicle steeped in history, a living relic of a remarkable journey.

But there's more. A Series IIa Station Wagon, once graced by the presence of Queen Elizabeth II herself, is also part of this regal convoy. This particular Station Wagon boasts the distinction of being one of the first of its kind to be fitted with a six-cylinder engine.

Imagine the stories it could tell, with its leather seats, wooden dog guard, and side steps, all dutifully serving in the name of royalty.

And then, there's the Defender 130 'Jumbo,' a true workhorse with three doors on each side, specially designed to support the Royal Family during their outings at the Sandringham Estate. This vehicle is not just a relic; it's still fulfilling its role as a working member of the Royal fleet.

As we reflect on this touching tribute by Jaguar Land Rover, it's a reminder that these vehicles are more than just machines. They are a part of history, carrying with them the echoes of moments that have shaped a nation.

In their own way, they pay homage to a remarkable monarch who left an indelible mark on the world.