Nissan to launch Skyline Nismo models for the Japan market

BY Sean Loo

The Skyline, a paragon of Nissan's racing-bred technology, is set to take the stage in early September.

But hold onto your seats, for only a thousand lucky souls will get their hands on this rarity. And if you're the type who craves exclusivity in an already exclusive world, there's the Skyline Nismo Limited, a celebration of the Skyline GT's 60th anniversary.

Only a hundred of these beauties will grace the roads, with their curtain call planned for the upcoming summer.

What's truly captivating about the Skyline Nismo, my friends, is its lineage. This isn't just a car; it's the culmination of decades of motorsport-infused engineering. The Skyline, with its distinguished GT badge, has a history steeped in grand touring excellence. And now, enter the Nismo touch, where aerodynamics and chassis wizardry dance to the rhythm of racing technology.

It's a marriage of speed, comfort, and safety – a car that pays homage to its ancestors while setting the bar higher.

But let's get down to the nitty-gritty – what makes this four-wheeled masterpiece tick? It's not just a beauty contest; this car has the brawn to back up its looks. Underneath that low, wide stance lies a Nismo-tuned engine that's a product of the same minds behind the GT500 racing class powerhouse. We're talking an output of 414hp and a grin-inducing 550Nm of torque.

Now, let's talk modes – this isn't your run-of-the-mill sedan. In standard mode, it's all about that smooth, everyday drive. But flick it into sport or sport+, and the response sharpens – it's like music to your ears, or should I say, music to your right foot.

Of course, all that power needs a dance partner, and that's where the tires come in. Specially developed to ensure that the road bows to your will, they strike a balance between grip and grin-inducing acceleration. And let's not forget those Enkei 19-inch aluminium wheels, wider, lighter, and as rigid as they come.

The result? A car that handles corners like a seasoned dancer, a car that stays firmly planted even when you're pushing the envelope.

But what's power without control? Brake pads that laugh in the face of fade, an ABS system that's tailor-made for those special tyres – it's all about shorter stopping distances. And when the road gets twisty, fear not – the specially tuned suspension ensures that all wheels kiss the tarmac, delivering a symphony of stability.

Let's talk aesthetics, shall we? One look, and you know this is no ordinary sedan. Nismo's signature style is all over it, from the specially crafted bumpers to those iconic red accents. And oh, those lines – they're not just for show. They're there to slice through the air, to keep you steady even when you're flirting with top speeds.

Step inside, and you're enveloped in a world of craftsmanship. Quality meets comfort in a marriage that's as harmonious as a finely tuned orchestra. The leather-wrapped steering wheel, a centre mark ablaze in red, the Nismo-tuned black Recaro seats – it's not just a cockpit; it's a stage where performance takes the lead.

Now, colours, my friends, colours! You've got a palette to pick from, including the exclusive Nismo Stealth Gray. But that's not all – the Skyline Nismo Limited is here to honour a legend, the S54A-1 model Skyline GT. It's a race car's doppelgänger, a matte gunmetal wonder that comes with an engine assembled with the precision of a maestro's brushstroke.

So there you have it, the grand tale of the Skyline Nismo. A limited masterpiece that marries power and panache, speed and style. It's a symphony of the senses, an experience that leaves you craving for more. An opus in motion.