Aston Martin DBX707 Meets Fernando Alonso

BY Sean Loo

What better way to welcome a two time world champion, than to have him wring a fast car round a track at breakneck speeds?

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you would have already known by now that Fernando Alonso has signed with Aston Martin’s Formula 1 Team for the 2023 season, following the departure and retirement of Sebastian Vettel.

The Spaniard is poised to perform in this season’s shakedown, but Aston Martin has decided to make the brand transition even sweeter for him. So how do you welcome a two time world champion to your company?

Well, give him a fast car and a fast track, of course.

Aston Martin graciously bestowed him the keys to a DBX707, the fastest DBX variant ever produced till now. With 700bhp and 900Nm on tap coming from a 4-litre twin-turbo V8 monster, this behemoth can rock the century sprint in just 3.3 seconds, continuing on to a top speed of 310km/h. Gentle figures for Alonso I presume.

Still, Aston Martin has released a video of him hooning the nuts off the DBX on track, and there’s no better symphony of engine bellow and tyre noise.

If you like to check out the action, you can check out the video here .