Mutt Motorcycles Singapore ...

BY Vivek Max R

... where Birmingham meets Bukit Timah, and bums, boils and bicycles get bantered about.

No, seriously, we did discuss these during the very first trip to Mutt Motorcycles' showroom in Joo Chiat.

Tucked away in a row of shophouses along Joo Chiat Road, at number 432, is the home of Mutt Motorcycles Singapore. Give the glass door a good tug sideways during opening hours - it isn't locked, just heavy.

Step inside and one is immediately greeted by a custom Razorback front and centre, warmly illuminated by ye olde style incandescent bulbs. Off to the right sit a couple more customized Mutts. A line of Mutts stretch further back into the showroom.

One might be forgiven for thinking that these are modified used bikes waiting for resale. On the contrary, they're brand new and looking for homes with riders who wish to stand out in their own unique fashion.

Classically-inspired in look, but thoroughly modern underneath, Mutt Motorcycles bring the bike customization game to Singapore.

In fact, let's start with the basics - a custom bike does not have to be ordered. Simply go to Mutt's website, pick a bike that fits the bill, order it at the showroom and Bob's your uncle, as they say.

Or, start the joyous journey of carefully and meticulously personalizing your bike for yourself. Knowing how the fun police put a stop to the party here on our roads, focus on how your bike looks instead.

Pick the style that suits your fancy as a starting point, be it the original Mongrel, Hilts, Fat Sabbath, FSR, RS-13, GT-SS, Mastiff, Akita or Razorback.

Then go to town with your colour scheme of choice - subtle or garish?

Racing stripes? Zebra stripes? Pinstripes?

A family crest or company logo that you fancy having on the tank in complimentary or contrasting colour?

All doable.

How about a lucky number that represents you? Put that on the side pods. No stickers here though; everything is custom painted and clear-coated in either gloss, satin or matt finish.

Would you like a quilted tan leather seat or black suede? No problem.

How about a different style of mirrors on the bar-ends? Or more road-oriented tyres instead of knobbys? Check, and check.

Talk to the good, friendly and kind-hearted blokes at Mutt Motorcycles.

Jules and Iain are the heroes responsible for bringing Mutt Motorcycles to Singapore after the parent company in Birmingham turned Jules down for one bike but told him he could buy 20 instead.

Not only are these guys dedicated to the work they do, they see it as a labour of love given how passionate they are about motorcycles in general, and custom bikes in particular. Same goes for the other blokes who work at Mutt Motorcycles.

Ask Iain about bums, boils and bicycles. No, seriously, ask him. There's a rather interesting story behind it.

If Jules and Iain are the heroes responsible for Mutt Motorcycles coming to our shores, then Haren (above, left) is the legend who made the press experience truly memorable.

Haren's knowledge of Mutt Motorcycles is second to none as he calmly explains everything in as much detail as needed with a warm smile. Start talking techy-mechanical stuff and Haren's smile widens as he delves deep into one of his favourite subjects.

What makes Haren a true legend was clearly demonstrated when he dealt with suspension preload on the press bike (next article) that was not suited to this author's portly frame.

Haren battled with one stubborn shock for close to an hour, and finally overcame the fight with great success while pouring sweat - on Diwali night while his family was wondering what he was up to as the festive dinner was being served without him.

And, really, that's what it's all about, isn't it? Passion and dedication. This isn't just about selling a motorcycle to a customer. This is about a life experience.

One in which strong friendships are forged.

AND where motorcycles get built to suit each customer's unique tastes.

AND where motorcycling can be enjoyed together.

Mutt Motorcycles' showroom feels more like a welcoming clubhouse where bikers can gather and talk bikes.

Not just Mutt owners - ANY biker who feels so inclined is more than welcome to come in, hang out and talk shop.

Non-riders are also most welcome to come in and admire the various Mutts on display. There is a nice variety of merchandise that one could also purchase and bring home to make the visit more memorable.

And maybe, just maybe, the visit could spark a latent passion within to turn a non-rider into a rider.

Don't take this author's word for it. Check out Mutt Motorcycles' showroom for yourself.

And remember to ask Iain about bums, boils and bicycles.