UD Trucks Extra Mile Challenge 2017 concluded

BY Marcus Lim

Team Singapore takes top honours in the 'Quon' category

The UD Trucks’ Extra Mile Challenge (UDEMC), based on their brand promise “Going the Extra Mile”, is an annual event held to demonstrate how customers can make the most out of UD products and services. The competition focuses on three key elements – pre-drive inspection, fuel efficiency & safety driving, and maneuvering & parking skills – to improve drivers’ skills and reduce operational costs and downtime.

Competing in a simulated transport delivery cycle, drivers aimed to achieve the highest profit through a combination of factors that included revenue, fuel efficiency, uptime & maintenance cost, and driving safety. There were a total of seven drivers from six countries, competing across two categories – Quon and Quester, and it was the very first time that both truck models featured together in the UDEMC.

Team Singapore’s driver, Seng Ann Neo from CWT Limited had this to say in reflection of the challenge, “It feels like the fruit of 30 years of truck-driving experience. There is so much on the Extra Mile Challenge agenda that we learn; it’s not just about the friendly competition. I’ve been driving UD Trucks for one and half years, but there are so many things I learnt for the first time in this training.”

President of UD Trucks, Yoshihiro Murakami, observed that the UDEMC is a part of UD Trucks’ commitment to go the extra mile for smart logistics envisioned. As a company, UD Trucks believes that smart logistics is not only about smart trucks and smart services, but is also about smart drivers.