Project VW R32 | Driving It

BY Joel Tam

My oh my! That soundtrack is addictive! It's been about a month since I got the R32 and it has burned as much cash as it has pavement!

I have got to record that sound before the Borla® exhaust goes onto the car. The creamy V6 sings. Not in a loud menacing way, but more of a refined understated growl. Even coming to a stop is so damn fun, with every downshift, the automated blip of the revs emits a throaty snarl. Orgasmic.

The result of that is a pedal-to-the-metal style of driving which I've naturally adopted. Which has been rather expensive. I've also noticed that the front tyres were unevenly worn, so more cash spent to strap on a brand new set of Duro Performa HP1s. These are Taiwan-made tyres (I can here the boos already), but I promise you they are bang for the buck. The soft compound has ensured I stay safe even in my moments of spirited driving, but the wear rate is proportionately high and some noise is evident at the 1-1.2k rpm mark.

Will update more soon.