Step back in time with Audi Singapore's 'SG50 Time Machine'

BY Burnpavement

Catch a glimpse of Singapore's streets circa-1965 with virtual reality smartphone app

This being the month of August, SG50 fever is well and truly in full swing. But while there are several photographs and a few videos around that depict how the country looked back then, there's only so much information that you can process while staring at a screen in your home or office.

This is where Audi Singapore's jubilee gift to the nation comes in. The SG50 Time Machine is a virtual heritage tour app that uses cutting-edge virtual reality technology to enable users to properly immerse themselves in Singapore's street life in 1965.

The app will be launched at an event called 'A Drive Back In Time', to be held at The Fullerton Hotel in October. Here, members of the public will be given special headsets powered by the new LG G4 smartphone and be chauffer-driven around the Civic District in a fleet of Audi A6s. With the headset on, the app re-creates the roads and buildings as they were 50 years ago, including iconic landmarks such as Victoria Theatre and City Hall. The device is GPS-tagged so that, as you're driven along in real life, the app follows your progress and the scenery changes in real time accordingly, and you can even swivel around for a full 360° view of your surroundings!

To help give context to the sights, the app also features a narrative voiceover by local music celebrity and Audi Singapore brand ambassador Dick Lee. This will be especially useful to users too young to have experienced life in 1965, as well as bring the memories flooding back to those of the Pioneer generation. More information will be announced closer to the date, so stay tuned to Burnpavement for updates!