Yokohama's Earth-1

BY Burnpavement

YHI is proud to present Yokohama’s newly developed Earth-1 ECO tyre.

Aimed at having clean, friendly and orangey fun with Earth-1 tyres and oranges, YHI held the launch at Ben and Jerry’s Ranch House @ Dempsey.

The new Earth-1 tyre from Yokohama uses orange oil extracted from orange peel that is optimized for tyre usage, creating a Super Nano – Power compound. Capitalizing on similar molecular construction of orange oil and natural rubber, the two are fused together, making the thread compound more compliant for better grip in braking and cornering.

Employing this newly developed compound, Earth-1 achieves a better balance between the conflicting two measures of performances. Grip force is obtained through ‘Orange Oil’, and rolling resistance is reduced through natural rubber. Low rolling tyre resistance saves fuel hence reduces Co2 emission into the environment. This unique design also realizes ‘Multi-Performance’ with its improvements made to performance related to comfort, quietness, and uneven wear resistance. Earth-1 tyres biodegradable property is simply an ingenious invention that can truly be called an ECO tyre.