Subaru Stuns with the Scooby

BY Burnpavement

Incredible-looking WRX Concept is miles ahead of the Impreza, yet retains some of its classic DNA.

In the recent few years, the gap between the standard Impreza and the WRX has been narrowing; the WRX has become softer and less sporty, whereas the normal Impreza has gained quite a bit of speed. The current generation of the WRX illustrates that point perfectly; the WRX is a lot faster than the Impreza, but still, the performance difference is relatively small compared to WRXes of the past. Subaru has rectified the issue with the new WRX Concept.

The WRX concept has been designed as a ready-to-rally 4 door sedan. With a much lower and wider stance, it looks a whole lot more aggressive than the current car. To make the car even more aggressive, Subaru has ditched the tiny grille of the current car and have gone for an extremely pronounced front meshed grille and large air intake. The front end is then rounded off by a large bonnet scoop. The rear of the car has received some rather un-Subaru-like cues too; Subaru has ditched the WRX’s huge wing and replaced it with a BMW M3-esque lip spoiler. The whole package certainly looks smart, and knowing Subaru, will probably go like stink too.

On the subject of bonnet bulges and going like stink, Subaru themselves have not revealed what would reside under that beautiful bonnet, although we can expect a turbocharged 2.0 litre of some sort.

The WRX Concept is definitely a stunning looking thing. Subaru has managed to strike the perfect balance between aggression and beauty for this concept car. The amount of attention to detail is just obsessive, which is why I think this car is the best looking car ever produced by Subaru. That said, it’s not likely this is exactly what the final product will look like as the majority of concept cars get ‘dulled down’ before they enter production. It’s a real shame that such a beautiful machine would never get to feel the roads beneath its wheels.