Hot Korean Model Rivals The British And Germans

BY Burnpavement

Kia’s Provo Concept is set to be serious contender in the compact car category. MINI, watch out!

Kia has decided to name its radical concept the Provo. That name may be a little provocative in the UK, but the styling is nowhere near controversial. Kia’s latest concept obviously draws some of its inspiration from other established cars in its class, particularly the MINI. 

Of course, the car is nothing more than a concept at this point in time. That said, if the Provo ever entered production, how much of the radical design would actually make it into the final product? The car in its current form is certainly quite striking though, thanks to the contrasting roof color, one-piece headlight and taillight housings, and oversized wheel arches paired with radical wheels.

If you think that this car was all about its striking sheetmetal, then you’d be wrong. The car has an equally radical cabin to match the insane exterior. The leather inside is diamond quilted, with chrome, suede and carbonfibre accents to match. A flat-bottomed steering wheel completes the racy look.

Power comes from a petrol-fuelled turbocharged engine with clever regenerative-electric motors, meaning mad power and decent economy. The motors will be able to provide power to the rear wheels in low-traction situations, as well as provide low speed electric-only motion.

The Provo. Silly name, serious car. Sure, if, just five years ago Kia had said they wanted to make a sporty car to rival the MINI, I’d have laughed at would have seemed to be an insurmountable task. Now though, with their lineup of stylish, yet affordable and reliable cars, I’m tempted to take them very seriously, even though badge snobs might still scoff at the Provo. Still, if it’s cheaper than the equivalent Cooper S and looks as good as it currently does, it might silence the critics, and establish Kia as a maker of properly desirable cars.