Spyker Returns With The B6 Venator Concept

BY Burnpavement

Spyker is back with a vengeance as it announces its first new model in over 3 years, and it has the Porsche 911 in its sight.

It has been a while since the Dutch boutique supercar manufacturer Spyker released a new model (the C8 Aileron of 2009 was itself a development of the C8 Spyder from 2000), having been in the limelight more recently for desperately trying to save Saab from collapse. 

Now however, they have unveiled a new, smaller mid-engined sports car to rival the Porsche 911: the B6 Venator. Currently still a concept, it is slated to begin production for most markets in early 2014, and for North America in Autumn 2014.

No technical details have been released yet, but the B6 is powered by a mid-mounted V6 that is expected to produce upwards of 375 bhp, sending power to the rear wheels via a 6-speed automatic transmission.

The body is fashioned entirely from carbonfibre, underpinned by an all-aluminium monocoque chassis. Such extensive use of lightweight materials allows the 4347 mm long car to achieve a kerbweight of 1400 kg, which is comparable to the Porsche 911 Carrera S PDK’s 394 bhp and 1415 kg.

As with all previous Spykers, the B6 Venator draws much influence from airplanes. Its name, Venator, is Latin for “hunter”, a nod to its heritage as a fighter plane manufacturer; in World War 1, the Dutch nicknamed fighter planes “hunters”. This inspiration can be seen in its styling too, with a one-piece glass “canopy” that extends from the windshield header rail to the base of the rear windscreen, 3D LED taillamps that resemble a jet’s afterburners, as well as 19-inch Turbofan rims (available with a polished mirror finish no less!).

The aviation theme continues inside, with a dashboard made of leather and beautifully turned aluminium, which features jet turbine air vents, toggle switches, a red flip-up cap for the ignition switch, and Spyker’s signature exposed gearlever linkage.

At US$125,000 to $150,000, the B6 Venator looks set to be an intriguing, if a bit pricey, alternative to its chief rivals, the Porsche 911 and Jaguar F-type.