GTI's Diesel Twin Says Hello!

BY Joel Tam

No official release of news on the Volkswagen GTI just yet, but its diesel twin has made an entrance at the party already, with strong overtones and nuances of what we've seen on the GTI concept snaps

Just in time for the 2013 Geneva International Motor Show, Volkswagen has got a new hottie to present to the motoring world. This time, it's in the finished work of a 185 bhp Golf 7 GTD.

For a punchy hot-hatch with 380 Nm (available from 1,750 rpm), it boasts a low 122 g/km CO2 emission output, sips an average of 4.7 litters every 100 km and complies with the stringent EU-6 emissions standard as well. Making it not only the most powerful Golf GTD and Golf 7 to date, but one of the most economical fast hatches as well.

Complete with a racier front bumper with black strakes, smoked LED rear lights, chrome exhaust pipes, side sill trim, diffuser, sport suspension and a large roof spoiler, the GTD hints strongly at what the GTI will finally look like.

Inside, some distinctive GTD characteristics hark back to the first VW Golf GTD in 1982, sport seats in tartan pattern in grey, a black roofliner, sport steering wheel and stainless steel pedals. GTD emblems are littered on the gear shift grip, trim strips and instrument cluster too.

Visual stuff aside, we can't wait to taste 380 Nm in the already light and agile Golf 7. Yum!