BMW’s Good Design Rewarded

BY Burnpavement

As a company that offers design services ourselves, we appreciate good design and concepts. So we're happy to note that BMW has been rewarded for their efforts in this discipline.

Seven BMW Group Design products have won the prestigious “GOOD DESIGN” award. The award, touted as the  most prestigious international accolade in the field of product design, was awarded to 7 BMW Group Products after an independent panel of judges, which consisted of design experts and architects sifted through several thousand submissions to select 700 praiseworthy product designs and graphics from 38 countries.

The vehicles that have won the award are the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupé, the BMW 3 Series Sedan, the BMW M6 Coupé, the BMW M5, as well the MINI Roadster as Husqvarna Nuda 900 R. Below are some of the reasons why the cars have won the awards.

By combining the aesthetics and dynamics of a classical BMW Coupé with luxurious appeal, the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupé has an unusually low-slung proportions for a four-door model, giving it a striking sportiness. The car’s low height and flat coupé roofline that flows into the rear render the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupé an expression of pure BMW aesthetics. The interior design, meanwhile, with its harmonious visual link between front and rear seats, creates a perfect combination of elegance and dynamics.

The iconic BMW 3 Series Sedan represents BMW’s core values of sportiness and elegance. Sharps lines on the exterior mark out the typical BMW proportions. The front end has been redesigned, and is a systematic evolution of the front-end design of earlier models. 

With the sporty-elegant lines of a coupé body and the aggression on the typical M cars, the BMW M6 Coupé combines an intense M feeling with an alluring design aesthetic. Within the premium segment of the executive class, the BMW M6 Coupé is compelling for its outstanding dynamics and hallmark M conceptual harmony coupled with high everyday utility. 

The BMW M5 can easily be identified as a BMW due to its dynamic proportions. The exterior has been designed to be aggressive to match the power under the bonnet, but without going all out and radical on the styling.

The MINI Roadster is an elegant, sporty model for discerning drivers who value high-quality design, powerful engines and precision-tuned suspension. The hallmark MINI interpretation of a compact roadster unites purity on the Mini heritage, with spontaneous enjoyment of top-down driving in the city. Padded stainless steel roll-over bars and the windscreen frame round off the elegant design while at the same time ensuring optimal safety for driver and passenger alike.

With its fresh looks, the Husqvarna Nuda 900 R conveys a sense of agility, sportiness and dynamics. The first motorcycle to bear the Husqvarna badge, it combines the engineering prowess of the BMW Group with elegant flair. With its minimalist design, each element defines the athletic exterior that injects the bike with its unique dynamic tension. This characteristic design language extends all the way to the aerodynamically styled tail.

Sure, great design is subjective, but the winners above do have one thing in common that can't be denied - presence. That's where we personally feel, BMW have succeeded in making their cars and bikes stand out in a sea of other brands and models. Apparently, we're not the only ones who think so.