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KW DDC ECU Suspension Kit Available For Mercedes C63 AMG

BY Burnpavement

Tired of the ‘soft’ suspension in your C63 AMG? KW is here to help.

For drivers who demand a firmer more responsive drive, a suspension upgrade is one of the best and least expensive ways to do so. KW has recently launched a fully adjustable suspension kit for the Mercedes C 63 AMG. KW’s DDC ECU coilover kit has adaptive damper adjustment.

Unlike some of its other rivals, such adjustments in the KW kit can be effortlessly made using the KW DDC App via iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, or a cockpit mounted button. This allows the kit to adjust the damping characteristic to the road conditions based on 3 presets, "Comfort", "Sport" and "Sport+" by the push of a button.

To maximise driving feedback, the car has to be set up just right. KW takes care of this by allowing the driver to adjust the characteristics of the front and rear dampers independently, while still remaining true to the high safety standards of the C63 AMG set by Mercedes Benz. The “Comfort” damper setup has a very soft damping (displayed in the App with 0%), while the “Sport+” damper setup is much harder(displayed in the App with 100%). However, controlling the dampers via the app is an option that involves the installation of a W-LAN module. Once that is installed, the unit uses secured WiFi to communicate with the iPhone.

A total of five setups can be stored with the KW DDC App, and each setup can be shared with friends via E-Mail. In addition, the KW DDC control module reads the vehicle data while the car is being driven, and automatically adjusts the damping characteristics to the driving speed. In “Sport” mode, agility is increased, in “Sport+\", agility of the ‘Sport’ mode is tailored to the speed to allow the driver to experience a pure driving experience.

Installation is straightforward; the original struts will be replaced by completely mounted KW coilover struts in “inox-line” stainless steel finish. This means that should the driver ever want to revert to a stock setup, he/she would be able to do so without too much of a struggle.

That said, why would anyone with a full KW Suspension setup want to switch back to a stock pair of struts?