Volkswagen E-mobility Visit In Wolfsburg

BY Joel Tam

Our visit to Wolfsburg included a stop at the Volkswagen E-mobility station, where a new source of 'fuel' is now available at what was once, a historic gas station.

Photos: Joel Tam

An iconic Esso gas station some 50 years ago, this famous venue is now the Volkswagen E-mobility station in Wolfsburg, Germany. Producing a different kind of power from the 'pumps', the new station is the perfect location to showcase the brand's energy and resource-saving efforts. The heritage protection main building of the former gas station was renovated in recent months by Volkswagen Immobilien GmbH.

The new e-mobility station in Wolfsburg uses interactive displays and interesting representations into electric mobility of the future. Interesting facts like how Ferdinand Porsche not only created the bug (Beetle), but was also the first to develop a plug-in hybrid in the world, or that the copper wire of a Golf Blue-e-motion's (also on display ) electric motor runs at 2.1 kilometers in length!

Novel displays like this pedal-bike driven slot-car racetrack require visitors to pedal enough energy to get the cars racing around the circuit.

Here at the historic location, questions like "What is the range of an electric car?", "How much energy does it take?", "What are the different kinds of hybrid/electric vehicles?", are all answered.

For fueling electric vehicles and e-bikes and Pedelecs, two charging stations and five cargo boxes are available. Two sockets for electric bikes are attached to the covered area and all "tank" facilities are available free of charge.

Volkswagen places a large emphasis on the way of the future, that is a low-emission future.

The electric Golf will be mass produced in the near future. Battery packs will be installed in the floor beneath the luggage space, beneath the rear seat and in the central tunnel of the underside. Weighing in at 205 kg more than the standard BlueMotion TDI Golf, all 270 Nm of torque will be instantly available at the tap of the foot.

The battery management system will eventually allow the state of the car to be monitored remotely such as with an iPhone App.

Initial fleet tests have produced very promising results, and Volkswagen promises a safe, affordable and suitable car for day-to-day usage. We can't wait.

Instead of an opening to the tank, there are 2 available sockets to power-up the electric Golf. One at the conventional tank opening, another up front, behind the brand badge.

There is even a pasta bar with gently cooked Italian pasta and soup dishes. An adjoining meeting room is set up for the care of visitors and staff meetings.